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Hobbyist Bloggers Win vs Those Blogging for Business

Technorati has the State of the Blogoshpere 2010 Introduction now available.  Of special note are the following paragraphs and graph.

The report from Technorati shows:

Hobbyists remain the backbone of the blogosphere, representing 64% of respondents. Hobbyists say they blog for fun, and do not report any income from their blog. It's not surprising therefore that 51% say they blog to express their personal musings, and 74% say they measure the success of their blog according to their level of personal satisfaction.

Yes, you heard it right.  Hobbyists who have no intention to make an income are the largest segment of bloggers on the Internet. "Just for fun" is the theme.

Technorati does go on to give information about the self-employed entrepreneur:

Self-Employeds – After Hobbyists, Self-Employeds make up the largest cohort, representing 21% of bloggers. Such bloggers say they “blog full time or occasionally for their own company or organization.” 57% say they own a company and have a blog related to their business, while 19% report that their blog is their company. 65% say they manage their blog by themselves. Reflecting their professional nature, Self-Employeds are the most likely to blog about business, with 62% saying they have much greater visibility in their industry because of their blog.

Read more at: Technorati

With such a small segment of the blogosphere filled by corporations, it is not a wonder there is a hesitation to "blaze new trails".

If you are not yet convinced to spend a few minutes reviewing the  State of Blogosphere 2010, take a glance at this graph.

graph blogosphere

These short few paragraphs are only meant to cause you to pause and ponder.  If your business plan includes blogging, it appears you are on the cutting edge and ahead of the game.  Or if the corporate world has not yet invested heavily into blogging, what would be the reason for this?

The other question is wrapped around: "How do you stand out?"

If a majority of the blogging is part time, hobbyists and opinions, your blog can easily be mistaken for the same in the crowd.

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