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An Awesome Facebook Marketing Campaign Checklist for Any Business [infographic]


This is one of the best Facebook marketing campaign checklists you will find.  It comes in the form of an easy to understand infographic from Facebook marketing may not be the first choice for every business but with an expected 1 billion users this year, to not do a test campaign or two is a mistake.

While you can improve and support personal and business relationships with Facebook by commenting and liking posts of others or share your thoughts and photos; these are only a small piece of a serious results oriented Facebook marketing campaign.  

Grab your calender and your team task list and begin to develop a Facebook marketing campaign to improve awareness, leads and sales with this Infographic:

Anatomy of a Killer Facebook Ad Campaign


You are thinking: "Facebook is just a social site where people chatter" - and you would be right.  When people chatter they will talk about anything and everything.  They may ask "do you know a person or company who will help me with ______?"  The responses have no specific pattern but everyone has an opinion and they share in a transparent platform: "Yes, I know where...".  

People like to talk about two things:  

1)  Themselves

2)  Stuff they buy.

Before they can share you, they have to know you and your business and believe in both your character and expertise.  After all, their reputaton is at stake when they refer your company.

This is the new word of mouth in the new world of media.  

Where do you have success or struggle with Facebook?

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