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Improve the online presence for your business.  Free software from Widgetbox offers an opportunity to create your own mobile site, build your own widget, find a widget to use for your website or blog, or even create a mobile site. 

One of the most important new features in Widgetbox is the ability to make a mobile site.  Even those who are not programmers will appreciate how to give their business an online presence for mobile users with this new software.

What is a Widget?

what is a widget widgetboxWhat is a Mobile Site?

what is a mobile site

Create a mobile site that reaches your audience on the iPhone and other popular smartphones.

Launch a Mobile Site in Minutes

Create an engaging site that includes a blog or feed, YouTube, Twitter, polls, and more, that your followers can access on their mobile devices. We make it simple to quickly build your customized mobile site with just a few clicks — no coding required.

Try It Now for Free

Mobile Sites are available free to all users in their ad-supported, basic version. Upgrade to Publisher Pro to control ads and further customize your site for just 10 Pro credits per site.

Push-button world is the hope for the internet user.  To find what Internet users need with a push of a button puts pressure on your business to be constantly improving the ease of use for your website or blog.  Widgetbox can help you do just that. 

Widgetbox is free but the free version includes advertising.  There is also a free trial for the premium version which excludes advertising.

There is a problem as a few entrepreneurs go overboard with widgets on a page.  Junky is not helpful.  Less is more.  Have a purpose for each page that coincides with the vision of your business.