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Killing Clever

If only someone had told me: "Don't be so clever" when I was a young smart mouth.  While the ultimate goal was to make people smile, my antics and craziness did not always prove to be truly helpful. (Sometimes I was not as clever or funny as I thought.)

The battle continues as my creative brain looks for ways to make people smile and feel great about the day and the opportunities that exist.  Quite a few years ago, I mostly killed 'clever' and I began to prioritize 'commitment' which is a necessary component to getting things done. 

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Dog, Cat, Rat Video - 6 million views

This is an example of the unbelievable.  Even as you watch the dog, cat and rat video, you will doubt and wonder if the animals are drugged or use velcro.  If you had told me that the dog, cat and rat could be best of friends... I would say "... I doubt it."

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