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The Biggest Ways Employees Waste Their Time at Work [infographic]

Employees "waste" time. Wasting time at work may in fact offer employees an opportunity to recharge.  Even so, employees say they waste time and the results from recent research may be enough to say "No More!"  

Here is an infographic that shows where people say they waste their time at work: 

Biggest Workplace Time Wasters
Source - Visually

If you are an employer, at this point you may be thinking about locking staff in a room with a typewriter and filing cabinet.  You will buy lunches and keep them in a refrigerator to limit human contact.  Have no meetings or interruptions but a music player might be acceptable. A nice record player could do the job.  

Managing the employees by controlling the bottom performers and time wasters limits the real potential linchpins offer.  

Empower the team.  Create a culture where success is based on results, collaboration a foundation of success and there are more celebrations for hitting a goal.  

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