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As a Leader and Expert, Why Are You Giving Away Your Face?


If you are a leader in your universe, why are you showing the world where you are at any particular day or time?  Each time you sign up for a new event, your face shows up as an attendee which distracts others from YOUR mission and expertise.

If a leader then puts your face in a place where the presenter is marginal in performance with the topic they preach & teach, does it not reflect back on you?

As a leader in your field, you will be tempted to create the "Oprah Effect" by joining everything online and spreading your presence far and wide.  Over time your face will become very recognizable and you may be hoping people will feel comfortable and reach out to you. 

Will the reverse happen?  Will your easy access and availability at every small event give the appearance that you are like water and available with the turn of a faucet?  If your attendance and participation in events that "beginners" or "1st Graders" attend is noted, will it put a dent in youir credentials?

If you are a leader with special skills and knowledge who can empower others to be successful, where you plant your face matters.  If you are attending an online marketing course which is focused on beginners, doesn't your attendance say "I am a beginner" which then reflects on other aspects of your leadership?

In the old days, anyone could attend an event to learn tips and improve their skills.  The new world is transparent and your every move can be seen. 

In the new world of online transparency:

  • Is it better to be seen as the presenter or attendee?
  • Is it better to attend marketing events by someone who is not a contender with great results?  Or better to be a guest speaker?
  • Is it better to be a guest blog writer or have your name and face in a press release?
  • Is it better to be seen hanging on Facebook for hours every day and be instantly available or to be leading a class where others can gain your understanding and wisdom so they can follow your lead?
  • Is it better to be the owner of a group of five or a manager of a group of 10,000?
  • Is it better to be known as an article expert or have your blog articles quoted by others?
  • Is it better to be an author of an ebook or be found as an author of a Kindle book on Amazon?
  • Is it better to have weekly events with an average of six attendees or have monthly events with 40 attendees?
  • Is it better to consistently be a leader or be seen as part of the crowd?
  • Is it better to attend an interview or be interviewed?
  • Is it better to attend a webinar and broadcast it to the world or is it more beneficial to attend anonymously?

There is only so much time in a day and your activities define you.  Your activities and history can now be traced. 

You are leaving a trail of breadcrumbs with every click, every "Like" and every "+".  In order to stand out from the crowd, you can't be a part of the crowd.  The crowd is full of people who are looking for answers.  Leaders offer answers and guide the group(s) to success.

Appearing to be part of the crowd by having you photo and name say "I am here" may not always be in your best interest.  Think twice about what you attend and how it reflects on you.  Perceived lack of expertise in one arena almost always leaks into the perception of your expertise in other areas.

Look to those you might want to emulate and admire.  Where is their face?  Part of the crowd or in front of the crowd?

If you are a leader and expert in your field, are the breadcrumbs (online activities) supporting the truth and giving you an advantage? 

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