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5 Marketing Collaboration Tools to Boost Your Online Strategy


There are countless tools for everything in marketing, so many that it can be very overwhelming.  Many small business owners admit that they are still not using modern technology – only one in ten business owners know how to use online advertising to market their product.  However, using tools for marketing and collaboration is necessary – and easier than ever. Take a short pause from learning how to use Google+ and focus on finding the marketing collaboration tools that are best for your marketing efforts.  Here are five online collaboration tools to help you stay organized:


This is ideal for small businesses who want marketing collaboration tools primarily for simple tasks.  It’s a neat tool that enables a team of people to communicate with each other in the same place.  Many people use it for small tasks like asking questions, posting a daily agenda and including office news.  It may not be a perfect place to share big news but it’s a wonderful interface for people to go every day to see what is happening around the office.  Employee’s love knowing what is happening within the company – keeping your team informed is one of the ingredients that make you a better employer.

Google Drive

A free tool for anyone who uses Gmail, so perfect for companies whose employees have Gmail addresses, works well for collaboration.  You can create a folder, document, spreadsheet or anything like this and share it with anyone you would like.  You can also select who has the ability to edit the document and make updates in real time.  This system shows activity made to the document right on the screen so you know where to view the changes.

What might set apart is that it is used by NASA. Astronauts!  Integration is important and has over 400 ways to integrate.  With Google Apps integration with a dedicated Gmail task manager, to seamless import of MS Project and Excel files, to over 400 productivity apps you use every day like Salesforce and Quickbooks, it’s easy to connect with other tools. " has fabulous tools with a better all-around experience than Microsoft Project." - forbes  There are plenty of great tutorials to shorten the learning curve here

Another free tool, is beneficial if you have people located in different offices who have the need to collaborate. The only thing you have to do is make a phone call and you can show the person or people you called what you’re seeing on your computer screen and what you are doing.  This tool even allows you to pass the controls to those in the other office so they can show you how to do something and you can view it from your location.  This is great for those who have projects that are best taught through visually seeing how something is done.


Basically Dropbox is perfect to share large files.  This tool doesn’t always get the buzz it deserves when it comes to businesses and is primarily a tool used for sharing photographs. However, Dropbox is ideal for businesses. If you need to share a project with your staff, you can simply drag the file to the Dropbox folder that’s set up for the team members who need to view it.  Your entire team has the ability to view and download the file and make any edits as needed.


A very popular tool for project management, Basecamp is great for sending out assignments to team members.  When an assignment is sent, the team will see it and be able to turn complete and turn the assignment in there on the tool to avoid spending time corresponding back and forth via email.  There is also adequate space to leave comments and ask questions.  If your business has a content team, you need Basecamp.

Marketing requires you to stay organized, which makes collaboration essential.  Take the time to check out the marketing collaboration tools that exist – they may be just what your business needs to run more smoothly. 

Which marketing collaboration tools does your business love?

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