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Here are event marketing resources and questions about strategies related to event marketing.  Prior to choosing from the list of event marketing resources, each enterpreneur must consider how to best survive in our world that is now very transparent.  This increased transparency is a blessing and a curse for the small business owner.

In the new world, everyone “knows” who is going to an event and who is not.  The faces and profiles are listed in broad daylight for all to see.  Attending the right events can help an entrepreneur shine and emphasize their vision.  However, participating in events which are out of sync with their vision might cause someone researching to pause and ponder a bit more.

Transparency may not always beneficial but many may believe that being seen everywhere is helpful to getting found.

The other downside of the new social media and meeting tools is broadcasting attendence.  If you have an event and only one is attending, does this influence the impressions of potential buyers?  The typical rule is that a crowded restaurant draws more people.  An empty event leaves the host and presenter a momentary mark of "unpopular" or not valuable.

It would make sense to have people already committed to sign up before the event is posted.  An alternative would be to only use the types of platforms which do not focus on attendees and announce who is coming and how many.  If only one is attendance, that person becomes the most important in the room and can act like a movie star while having the presenter all to themself.

Another question arises:  “How many attendees gives the appearance of success?”  

If you are the host or possibly the only attendee, how does this reflect on your business?  Meetup.com has hundreds of meetings and events every week.  Many of them have under five people attending.  Does this represent success?

Transparency might leave a mark to the professional:

If a professional hangsout at meetings and chit-chats via social media, it might appear that they are very successful and plenty of free time or have nothing better to do.  This is not too different than seeing the same folks at the local tavern every afternoon.  "Don't have anything better to do, so what's the problem?"

I loved the movies: “The Man Who Knew Too Little” and "Being There”. 

They are a constant reminder that “they think what they think” so don't worry about it.   Just go for it, be you, and let those who misunderstand live with it.  Would this be true for potential buyers as well?  Is it ok for potential buyers to have the wrong impression?

As you develop your Guerrilla, Relationship, Inbound, Promotion Marketing (G.R.I.P. Marketing) strategy, what path will you choose?

Will it be one where you attend anything and everything, tweet and share anything that seems to be fun or interesting?  Do you create a specific schedule which will become a piece of your historical public record online?  Do you create a pseudonym alias to stay in control?

Possibly you look to one who is your mentor, someone you admire and consider their activities and the trail they leave in the new transparent world. You may wonder why your mentor is more selective, present at events vs. being an attendee, and notice how their conversations online are precise and focused.

If you have a vision for how to conquer the world and change the community, then most of these questions are moot.  Nothing will stand in your way and the thoughts about what impression the community might have is minor and very temporary.  If that is the case, I will be your ambassador and shine the light your way.

On the other hand:

  • If you are attending a writing course at the same time as you are launching a book.... that may be a conflict.   Why not speak instead of attend?
  • If you are attending an Internet marketing class online where someone with no traffic or conversions is teaching/presenting, then your attendance may influence the serious players as they make judgments about your skills and goals.
  • If you are attending a local event where your name and face is plastered and it is about "Get 5000 more Facebook followers", what does that tell people who you are hoping to have a strategic alliance with?
  • If you are attending a bankruptcy which plasters your name in the same area as where you are building a business based on "Reach your financial dreams", there will be confusion.

If you are a small business owner, look in the mirror and remember that you are not the only one seeing your reflection.  The whole world can now see you 24 hours a day as you click, share and attend.

If it is as people say, "It's about relationships", then faith and trust is a factor.  The online world is a reflection and will influence faith and trust.  Transparency is a powerful tool but can also be a barrier to success.

Once you understand how to maximize the new culture of transparency, you will need event management software, tools, and resources to plan, sell tickets, and choose methods to announce the event to the world.

Here are event marketing tools and resources to create or announce events:

Eventbrite                   eventbrite.com

Eventful                       www.eventful.com

Local Newspaper       calendar.thenewstribune.com (example)

Events.org                   www.events.org

Facebook/Events         www.facebook.com/help/?faq=12574

Meetup.com                 www.meetup.com

RegOnline                    www.regonline.com

Amiando                     www.amiando.com (Europe)

TicketLeap                   www.ticketleap.com

Eventsbot                    www.eventsbot.com

rsvpBOOK                    www.rsvpBOOK.com

Stick to a calendar, balance activities, be a leader, create events, connect with people, be accessbile but do not overwhelm people.  (It is not enough to connect with people, you must connect with the right people.)  Stay focused and be consistent.  Don't hop.

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