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Seth Godin is answering questions - Email him now for an answer

Seth Godin is an author, speaker, sage and more efficient with the English language than I.  He has committed to personally answer questions every week about one of his books. 

I chose to ask a question about "Purple Cow" and shame on me because it has been a while ago that I read it.  I will have to quickly go read it again.  (In the world of Kindles and iPads, reading snacks are easy to do between the cracks in our daily routine.)

Here is the Purple Cow book you will love to read:

Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

YOU should also ask Seth a question. 

If you already read Seth's blog, then you are already thinking deep and getting ready to send a question.  If not, just remember that not every best selling author reaches out to open the door to give such an opportunity.  In fact, I don't remember anyone doing offering to do such a thing.

Here is message from Seth:

Monday afternoon book Q&A

As a fun summer diversion, I'll be answering a question every week about one of my books. Go ahead and ask...

The question form is right here. There's a prize every week for submitting the question I end up using.

Seth Godin from www.sethsblog.com


That's all there is to it.  Simple and sweet.  As usual he breaks the rules with an "article" that is two sentences long and and basically an invitation.

Which books did Seth write?

Here is the complete list of  Seth Godin's Books

Time to put on your thinking hat and ask your very tough question. 

If Seth does NOT answer your question, go ahead and pass it my way.  Feel free to let me know your question here:  contact@michaelhartzell.com

What do you think?  Will you go for it?  Share your thoughts and let me know.

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