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The Biggest Blunder Where All You Can Do is Hope and Pray

Twice now in the last 10 days I was in the middle of two big blunders.  The blunders can't be erased nor can they be taken back.  There is only forward and the best anyone can do is:  Hope and Pray.

The systems of automation do not allow you to look to the left while you are typing.  "I have perfect spelling" you say?  It is because the automated spell check is working for you.  What happens you you spell 'their' instead of 'there'?  And of course there are three two's:  To, Too, Two.  You will soon be embarrassed for going too fast.

I received an email from someone I respect.  I was not the intended recipient.  The automated system which fills in the blank inserted my name in a micro-second.  Unfortunately, this email was life changing and revealed parts of their personal life I would have avoided if given the choice.  Someone's personal life is after all, just that. 

The follow up afterwords allowed us to unclutter and focus on what is most important.  This was because of my respect and appreciation of how they had proved their character and expertise.  It will not come up again (except that I share a small piece here).  We will move forward fast because we are both thinking big and looking far.

And then it happens to me....

You would think that after my experience, every outgoing email would be "perfect".  No one would ever receive an email not intended for them.  You may be thinking that to yourself now.  Just wait.  It will happen to you.  The automated system will insert a name you did not intend to use.  The toughest part is the person who is potentiall in harms way (big or small) is someone I regard so very highly. 

The automated systems which seem to help us so much also has the potential to do harm, distract, create havoc and cause confusion.  All would be well if the human condition was not based so heavily on emotion. 

To send out an email intended to one person which then ends up in another's email inbox ... can violate everything someone believes in.  Once the "Send now" button is pushed, there is no going back.

Words are powerful as they cause others to think differently.  Once the thinking changes, beliefs are formed and as these beliefs are strengthened are motivation for taking aciton.

I do not always say the right thing at the right time. (Though it is my intention to do so)  Surely (Shirley), I have typos, grammar issues and while the use of words are innocent and with good intent, it remains my responsibility to use them for "good".

An apology is not enough. All we can hope for to have enough history, faith and trust that those we might cause discomfort to will have it in their heart to forgive, think bigger and move forward.

You hear daily "It's about relationships".  This is one example of what relationships are about.  In the last 10 days, I have been on the receiving and giving end of very big blunders.  For one I forgive and the other I ask for forgiveness as I double my discipline while being cautious of automation.

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