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Change the Rules, Break the Rules, Make the Rules Marketing Plan

making the rulesOne of the biggest problems with being an Internet entrepreneur and marketer is that you must continue to change how you do business to keep ahead of others who want to take away your business.  Search engine changes by Google-Bing-Yahoo, culture changes and buyer knowledge have all evolved quickly and left entrepreneurs believing in marketing practices which are much less effective.

If you believe it is easy to throw up a landing page, offer a product, buy a bit of advertising and hear the money jingle, then you have lost touch with reality in the new world of media.  The game is changing and it’s no longer enough to cover the basics.  Good enough today is not good enough tomorrow.

In fact, the only true way you are going to be successful as an Internet entrepreneur is if you are willing to shake up the system and venture into your own category – your own brand.

If your goal is to be a leader and create a business which has an opportunity to grow, consider the following thoughts.

It's time to change the rules.

Be cautious when following guide books

Guides can be extremely resourceful but the information becomes dated quickly.  The guide or ebook you purchased last year is already less accurate as the tech world changes, the bar is raised and buying habits change.  The plan that you debated whether to commit to, then finally decided to go for it; now has you learning things which are already out of date.

This is one benefit to blog articles, Google Alerts, news, Hubspot updates and many other companies which make it their business to not only know what is current but peek into ther proverbial crystal ball about future possibilities.

Build your skills by building experience

Your own focus, trial and error, persistence and relentless pursuit of success will help you build expertise.  Networking is not shaking hands and smiling, farming is not simply planting seeds and picking fruit.  Online marketing is not as easy as building a website and waiting for cash. 

Shake up status quo, learn and develop your skills based on real projects and ventures. More will be learned from the mistakes and revelations you make along the way than any guide can teach you.  There is no shortcut to learning new skills.  (Though I am sure some will take the longer road before they "get it")

If you base your learning on guide books – you are guaranteed to rely too much on the rules set by the instructor which may or many not directly apply to your particular scenario.  Guide books are only a starting point, they do not create the final path for you to achieve success.  Once you understand the basics, you will consider your own vision of conquering the world or changing the community and expand beyond the training guide by putting the information into action – then develop your own strategies.

In order to Break the Rules and stay ahead:

  • Be an expert with specific tools.  While I have over 200 marketing tools and software handy on my shelf, I am certainly not an expert at using every one.  Nor should you be.  Instead you will consider which special tools will help you connect with your particular audience and where they may hang out and then you will study/practice and excel with use.
  • Each month your expertise will grow and in a short period of time, no one in your niche or market will hold a candle to you.  You will not only be the expert in your particlur field or niche but you will also be an expert at delivering your message.
  • The software and tools will be specific to your needs. 
    • It could be that www.slideKlowd.com, www.authorstream.com, www.scribd.com or www.posterous.com may become central to your production and sharing. 
    • You may think bigger and lean on PRWeb, Hubspot and Google Adwords are preferred for creating and sharing your message to the world.
    • If you are already an expert with presentations, then PowerPoint, and EasyPrompter for offline presentations and GoToWebinar for online presentations.  You won't just be functional, you will rock!
  • Again, there is no shortcut to gaining the expertise.  You must get on Outliersthe ice and commit to falling down while learning to be an awesome skater.  Will Smith will tell you "This is what I believe and I am willing to die for it."

  • In his book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcom Gladwell talks about how it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert.  This has been debated and here is an infographic which shows that becoming an expert varies:

Are you really an expert? An infographic by udemy.com
Source: Udemy Blog

Make the Rules where competition follows you vs. you following them

An Internet entrepreneur who seems successful today must constantly push and promote at every step and consider temporary solutions which at some point end.

Since they are following the rules learned in a book or guide just as everyone else is, they make a splash of success but there is not enough depth and history for them to truly grow their skills and experience.  Each opportunity fizzles and they have to find another game to play, learn the latest fad and their business success is not sustainable long term.

A reinvestment into improving your skills, budgeting for asset acquisition or watching for alternative income sources using your current knowledge will ensure you have the ability to become proactive vs. reactive in the marketplace.

A smart marketer knows how to be an opportunist and may have a few wins as a speculator but a wealthy Internet entrepreneur has the ability to predict the future and to be in the right place at the right time.  In order to do this, you must make your own rules.


Change the Rules: 

Basing your success on guidebooks will leave gaps as the person selling them makes their money.  Information becomes dated; act quickly.

Break the Rules: 

Stop hopping, clicking and hoarding.  If you are a software and infomation hoarder, turn off your computer.  Focus on which three to five top tools will help you not just function but appear to be Einstein in your specialty.  Know them as well as an astronaut knows his space ship or a cheerleader knows her baton.

Make the Rules: 

Invest time into improving your skills, acquire assests and maximize opportunities based on your current knowledge.  If you have a serious purpose and drive, with enough practice, experience and resouces, you will begin to anticipate the next opportunity. 

Meet the man who wrote the books. 

Today, he is still changing breaking and making his own rules.  Dean Hartzell, aka Virdean, has written three books which have sold around the world. They have nothing to do with growing business or marketing, but they are a great read.

He follows his own path, blazes new trails and creates success at each step.  At this point he has become an expert with writing, pdf's, CreateSpace, and Kindle publishing.  He is becoming more proficient with graphics.  He is not only an author, he is a wealth of knowledge for how to write, publish and sell books.

Just as so many around the world have loved Virdean's stories, you, too will love his books.  If you buy them as a gift, you will get the credit for his hard work!


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