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Australia Betters United States with Internet Penetration Rate [chart]

Is the Internet still in infant stage?  If you are looking at the Iceland, the 97.8% penetration rate for the small population is an indication that the Interent is a way of life.  Australia's Internet penetration rate of 89.8% shows that the long history of "behind the US" in trends no longer applies as the USA statistics show a 78.3% rate.

Look deeper into the data and the average penetration rate for the rest of the users in the world is at 25%. 

If you wonder if there will be growth on the Internet, the answer is an obvious 'yes' since the overall total Internet penetration rate is only 32.7%.

The downside: 

People from around the globe will be very hungry for information about how to be successful by using the Internet.  That leaves naive wanna-be entrepreneurs at the mercy of those who are more experienced at shoveling out "hype" and fluff.

This is, of course, true on the flip side as well.  As third world countries become more Internet savvy, the amount of spam and hype will only grow.  Some years from now we will look back at todays "junk/spam" online and think of it as a drop in the bucket.  The future worldwide entrepreneurs will attempt to set up shop and the target will be those with "more".

Fortunately Google has already declared "war" on the Internet marketers who do not provide value by changing the algorithms.  In the long run we will all be happier.

Here is a partial chart of the top 50 countries with the highest Internet penetration rate:


The other downside to these statistics:   Translation.  As the rest of the world catches up, there will be a serious need for the translation of books, ebooks, documents, websites and marketing materials.  (Not to mention contracts, agreements and legal documents.)  While software can translate languages for the "big picture" in documents, the serious business owner knows that software is not thorough enough to be trusted completely.

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Like it or not, the Internet will slowly morph and the number of websites will increase.  The trust factor will become more important and people who do not speak your language will be interested in learning more.

The Internet is an infant:

Consider how your marketing plan includes building more trust, make yourself accessible via more languages and be wary of the new players who will be coming after your wallet.

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