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What is Siri? Siri is taking over the world!

Who is Siri?  Or would you prefer to say "What is Siri?"  Siri is part of the technology revolution that changes your thumbs and fingers into use digits as you find your power of the voice.  This is not just any software voice recognition software.  Siri is expected to be almost human and will leave you believing in artificial intelligence.

Watch this video from Epipheo and learn about what Siri is  (or who):


No worries.  You keep doing what you are doing.  This invisible wave will soon overwhelm the market place and become part of the every day life.  It will be integrated into everything.  The vendors for our new washer, drier and the thermostat for the heater brag about how they can integrate with the iPhone.  From wherever you are, you can control your world with a touch of the button.  Soon it will be with a word.

The NOW technology is focused on QR Codes, blogs, Apps, and links.  If a buyer searches and buys based on what they can say, if they switch channels on TV, if they can say:  Send a Facebook message to my girlfriend... will voice become more powerful once again?  Will the fingers and thumbs take a back seat to the tongue, lips and ears?

Seems to me that it may be so. 

Want to see it in action?  Here is the video that shows it in action:

If you are an entrepreneur thinking about which direction to point your business to gain the best opportunity to connect with potential buyers, you will find it helpful to think deeper about human behavior.  We Inbound Marketing Professors think of this in terms of "the persona of the buyer".  Or you can think about how you will send voice messages and make them appear to be from Siri.  (What a trick that would be!)

You are not yet a believer. 

If that is the case, you will feel validated as you listen to this review.  After six weeks of using the iphone 4s, John has a few choice words about Siri:

The real message:  The marketplace will continue to be divided.  More options to communicate and get things done.  Whether you will find it beneficial to create a Siri audio app is to be determined.  None the less, you will soon hear the hype.  Sales people selling marketing services and Internet marketing "gurus" selling information products for how to make a million by taking advantage of Siri.

The world is about to twist again.  Those who don't like to type or read will love the Siri. 

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