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Twitter Guide: A Twitter Guide for Beginners, Idiots, and Dummies


This is the ultimate Twitter guide for beginners, idiots, and dummies. This quick guide to Twitter covers all of the essential elements for marketing and using Twitter.

Before you review the Twitter guide, it will be good to grab an old fashioned pen and paper for note taking.  This is loaded with business tips for using Twitter.

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To maximize Twitter, you must first look at yourself and your business.  Using Twitter without understanding the vision and purpose of your business will leave you chattering, yakking and blabbering like many others.
The most difficult decision you may have is whether to automate or not to automate.  To use only automation to deliver tweets and messages will soon have you perceived the same as a vending machine.  Relying only on manual mode will not fully maximize the opportunity to stay top of mind.  There is a middle ground and the Twitter Guide shows many tools to use for automation and evaluation.
Twitter and social media marketing is part of the inbound marketing process and when you combine many tools into one marketing machine, you save time and improve effectiveness.
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