The Best Social Media Predictons for 2012

Posted by Michael Hartzell on Sat, Jan 21, 2012

Social media predictions for 2012 become a checklist for your preparedness.  "What if" scenarios should the predictions be true give a business to be better prepared.  To anticipate the possiblities we turn to the experts at Hubspot, and  Which do you believe are most likely to affect your business and are you prepared to maximize on the opportunity?

First watch this video from Hubspot TV which offers predictions for 2012:

What to watch for in 2012 in social media from MarketingProfs:

  • Convergence.  Social will go "transmedia," further integrating with the offline world.
  • Influence scores.  Everyone has digital influence.
  • Gameification.  Expect gamelike qualities to enhance social experiences
  • Social sharing.  Sharing's taking a more transactional bent.
  • Social TV.  Watching TV is already a social act, as those who tweet to Gleecan attest.
  • Micro economy.  Watch for social approaches to solving huge business problems.
  • The Po!nt: Keep your social chops sharp by tracking how the space matures.
  • Read the full article about social media predictions.

Social media predictions for 2012 from which brought together the experts to create a list of 30:

  1. Businesses consolidate social media activities
  2. Photo and video social networks will blossom
  3. Brands embrace real time
  4. Strategy takes center stage for social media
  5. New apps help with content overload
  6. Businesses outsource content creation
  7. Advanced analytics are coming for the masses
  8. Regularly creating unique content becomes essential
  9. Businesses learn to choose the right channels
  10. Facebook’s growth inspires unique Facebook marketing experiences
  11. Competition on Google+ rises
  12. YouTube provides a social experience
  13. YouTube takes the lead
  14. YouTube rises to top of mind
  15. More social players will join in
  16. Marketers adopt smarter social media tools
  17. Businesses integrate new content consumption practices
  18. The “applification” of social media continues

Read the full article and details about the social media predictions.

What I predict:

I predict that more tools, easier entry, more automation leads to more overwhelming content.  With everyone and anyone creating and/or spreading content, the information buffet gets only larger. 

Google has already turned to "freshness" with it's analytics and "the latest" in real time will become even more important.  With "too much" streaming information, "the latest" will be newsworthy material.  Even the latest newsworthy content will become dull as so many will enter the the publishing world. 

Due to the avalanche of information and chit-chat, the need for users of social media will need search tools.  Social media strategies will include more than Twitter and Facebook.  A more comprehensive approach as people will use a variety of methods to communicate and get informraiton.  Combining search, social media, email, content creation (video, text, images, audio) in a marketing strategy will improve the chance of getting found.

What you will hear more often:  "Get to the Point".  Practice getting to the point quickly.  Twitter is a good practice tool.


This is what inbound marketing is all about.  Inbound marketing is the best method to take advantaqe of the trends with social media, search, email marketing, and connecting with potential buyers who are already hungry for your product.

If the predictions are true and become a part of history, then you will need inbound marketing software.  Start your free 30 day Hubspot trial and learn how to take advantage of the predictions vs. become left behind.

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