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Nearly 800 daily deal sites bit the digital dust the last 6 months

Where do you find "deal of the day" services?  This daily deal sites list may not matter since they may or may not be in business next month.  In other words, the entrepreneur is at the mercy of the next garage business which has a deal of the day offer.  Is this good or bad news for LivingSocial and Groupon?  It seemed as if a new daily-deal site popped up every week last year, but many bit the digital dust in the second half of 2011.dailydealmedia2

The DailyDealMedia Industry Report is the most comprehensive look at the Daily Deal industry in 2011 and what to expect in 2012.  This report includes expert predictions, polls and surveys from Publishers, Merchants and Consumers, and a spotlight on some of the winners and losers of 2011.

  • The total number of deal publishers dropped 7.61 percent in the last 6 months of 2011. The world has 798 fewer deal sites due to consolidation and startups closing up their virtual shops. Asia saw the largest drop, with 1,348 daily deal sites exiting the industry.
  • Daily Deal Media says that 798 daily deal sites closed up shop in the last six months. The total number of sites globally fell 7.61 percent in that period.

  • But a survey of companies that used daily deal sites last year found that 35 percent had profitable deal offers and only 16.5 percent were unhappy with their deals.

DailyDealMedia is a subscription site for the more serious marketing company or agency.  You can buy a report here:


Whether daily deal advertising is best for your business depends on your business model.  One of the most attractive aspects of daily deal advertising is that it appears easy to implement.  There seems to be a move for many service businesses with low overhead and no product costs to get attention by using daily deals.

There is more than Groupon and LivingSocial.  I have to bet you didn't know that there were 1,348 daily deal sites online.

Is it possible to focus on daily deals advertising and make a profit.  Yes but it is very risky and not every business will benefit. 

DailyDealMedia.com also offer a free list of daily deal sites.  This list will keep you objective about making advertsing choices and keep you on doing marketing to relevant markets.

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