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How Many Facebook Users are There in the USA?

North America does NOT have the highest number of Facebook users.  In fact, Europe has the highest number of Facebook users.  North America does have the highest penetration of Facebook users.  When you see the numbers side by side, the big picture will remind you that the game is far from over and there is much more to come.

Here is a recent table showing how many Facebook users are in North America and other parts of the world.

facebookusersSource:  InternetWorldStats.com


"Is it too late to leverage the new Internet tools?"  This may seem true because of the hype.  Social media companies are still infants and changing rapidly.  It is not too late to add Facebook or social media to the marketing plan but rushing in may have a business owner chasing software that is changing too quickly.  Constant adjustments and training can be costly.

Internet history includes AOL and MySpace.  Both used to be top dogs on the Internet.  Will things change when Facebook goes public on the stock market?  You have to think so.

Half the people in the USA are on Facebook and half are not.  Your marketing plan will include ways to connect with both.





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