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NEWS: Promo Retail Email Volume Up 16% in 2011

This news article and graph froim MarketingCharts.com shows how promo retail email volume increased by 16% in 2011.  The average grew to about 15 emails per month with December hitting a peak of 22.   That means if you are a consumer, you received an email about every 1.5 days from your favorite retail store. 

Entrepreneurs worry about sending too much email for fear of people who might unsubscribe.  Given the fact that emails may get lost in junk and never considered, the multiple emails per week increases the chance of being seen.

Without sending an email to subscribers, there is no advantage to having a list.  The list gathers dust as if an unused email list will grow in value.  Waiting for the perfect opportunity to send the right message will have people forgetting about your business and you will be replaced by the latest and greatest company (which is not as great as yours).

As you consider the chart and the increase of promo retail emails used in 2011, does this inspire you?  Or make you afraid?  Will your strategy include increasing the number of emails with spicier headlines? 

My advice is not to sit idly by while other companies email special offers to YOUR customers.  Focus on RELEVANCE and maintain absolute authority.

Here is the articles and graph with more details about the growth of email.

Promo Retail Email Volume Up 16% in '11 »


The average number of promotional email campaigns set by top retailers to each of their subscribers reached a peak of 177 in 2011, representing a 16% increase from 152 in 2010, and a 51% rise from 2008 levels, according to Chad White, research director at Responsys and author of the Retail Email Blog. On average, retailers sent their subscribers nearly 15 email campaigns a month, with February being the slowest month at just over 12 campaigns, and December the busiest at almost 22. December was also among the fastest-growing months, on par with November with 20% year-over-year over growth, and slightly behind March (+21%). " target="_blank">Read the full article =>


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