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ICANN Vanity Top Level Domain Names To Take Over DotCom?

Buy a domain name here.  Before you do, be aware that the future includes vanity top level domain names.  No doubt that .shoe or .brand will influence clicks since there is already a domain name bias.  If large businesses and industries are willing to invest the big money for a top level domain name, it will leverage the domain bias further. 

Small Business Guerrila Marketing vs. Big Business Branding

How can a small business owner compete in a new market where .best might become a top level domain name? How will the domain bias change?  Can an industry dominate a market simply because it has the extension which is a vanity name representing their brand?

The answer is a big yes.  Guerrilla marketing tactics includes inbound marketing where focused marketing, speed to market and personalization maintains an advantage.

Aren't keyword rich domain names ranked better on Google?

Maybe an even more important question for you is:  How will a vanity name be ranked in the Google search engines?  Last year Matt Cutts explains the advantages and disadvantages for including keywords in the domain name.  He refers to how Google was going to think about how to change the weight that keyword rich domain names might have.  Will the additional 220 million vanity top level domain names which can have keywords have an advantage? 


Is there more potential for fraud?

Here is an article from InformationWeek which talks about the potential for fraud:

ICANN's Vanity Top-Level Domain Names: Fraud Magnet?

Starting midnight Thursday, ICANN will take applications for new generic top-level domains such as .shoe and .plumber, but some industry groups are voicing fraud and security concerns.

For just three months, the Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)--the nonprofit organization that oversees how Internet domains get used--plans to begin taking applications for vanity domains. These new custom, generic top-level domains (gTLDs) will serve as alternatives to sites that currently sport a ".com," ".net," ".org," or any of the 22 gTLDs or 250 country-specific gTLDs that are currently in existence. But not everyone is happy about the prospect of the expansion, which will likely see gTLDs such as .sports and .shoe added to the Internet.

With a $185,000 processing fee for each new gTLD application, custom domains won't come cheap. (Interestingly, ICANN currently only receives $0.25 per year for every .com domain renewal.) But several businesses and organizations--including Canon, Deloitte, Hitachi, Motorola, and Unicef--have said they'll pay for a so-called .brand Web address.

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Taking advantage of the change on the Internet:

The Internet is about to change again and more to the advantage of those with the money to buy a "brand".  If you had a partnership with nine other entrepreneurs who were in the same industry, a collaborative partnership would put you and your new partners into the drivers seat.

For example, if you are in the medical industry, you could file an application for .medical.  You have to wonder if .doctor will be sold.  Is it better to go short?  Or have an extension which is more expressive?

Inbound marketing is about more than just SEO and will help the small business owner compete in the world where big business buys branding.  Stick with inbound marketing, it will keep you in the game.

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