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Facebook Activates 'Listen With' Button

With Facebook activating the 'Listen With' button, will the people on Facebook pay more attention to something other than your music?  The radio plays a few tunes and has a commercial from a sponsor.  Facebook has online ads which can be purchased by views or by clicks.  Will the way people are listening to music steer them instead to Facebook because "my friends are doing it"?

If you believe the answer is YES and Facebook is where people will go and listen to music, then it may be time to put the "Listen With" button to the test.  (It is still rolling out.)  This will help you understand the process and how others will experience it.  Since many are on mobile devices, you may want to go to your smart phone and try it out.  "For work, boss, I am doing research!"

Notice the sponsored ads align just to the left of the chat box where you will soon find the Listen With button. 

How It Works on Facebook

Look for the music note in the chat sidebar to see which of your friends are listening to music. To listen with a friend, hover over their name, and click the Listen With button. The music will play through the service your friend is using.

When a new song plays, you'll come along for the ride, discovering new music while your friend DJs for you.


You'll also have the option to chat about what you're listening to.  As other people start listening along, they'll join the party in a group chat.

You can control who you're listening along with through your settings. Learn more here.

(That is true power.  The power to cut someone off from listening to your music!)


Seems pretty simple on the surface.  If you want to be cool, you listen to what the cool people listen to.  If you want to advertise to people who love music, Facebook might be the next stop with Facebook Ads.  After all, the chat box is next to the sponsored ads, which is the point, isn't it?

Facebook Ads

facebook ads


More options for sharing music online:

Depending on how many gray hairs you have, you might not know that CDs are long gone and music online is how music lovers listen.   (Everyone can be a disc jockey now.)

Or you might be one who is so busy working that you are unaware of the options.  In either case, here are other ways music is shared and listened to online:










Yes.  This is how music is shared and listened to online and soon to be on Facebook.

Yes.  With Facebook adding their Listen With button, there may be more social sharing and interaction via the Internet.

Yes.  I suppose you are going to have think again about whether this is important to your marketing plan.  Is there opportunity that ties with your business that could become your next flurry of guerrilla marketing ideas?  Will Facebook Ads be on your new marketing plan?

There is one more thought:

Music reduces stress.  You may have days when your head pounds so hard that everything gets on your nerves.

Now you know how to relieve some of that stress.  Find out what the relaxed people are listening to and add the music to your new App.

Keep an eye on the new Facebook App and more importantly listen to your customers thoughts and opinions.  Is it cool?  Or is it lame?



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