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Insanity or Perseverance? Which do you Choose?

You are told from those who achieved success:  "Stick with it.  Don't give up.  Persevere."  There are no signs which say your idea and investment will the path to success. 

"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.” - Buckminster Fuller

You are also reminded to not be stupid or act like someone who is insane: 

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

Which is it?  

  1. Persevere, do what you love and stick with it?  
  2. Stop doing something over and over that is obviously unproductive and a dead-end?

The danger is that if you are unable to clearly separate insanity from the invisible path to success, there can be a perception that everything is going as expected when there is only a dead end ahead.

"Burn the Boats"

Does it make sense to risk your assets and relationships to achieve the ultimate success? 

The ancient Greek warriors understood how to keep themselves focused and motivated. They Greeks possessed an unwavering attitude to victory and commitment.  When the Grecian armies landed on their enemy’s shore, the first order the commanders gave was “Burn the boats.”

These commanders knew the power of motivation and necessity. 

With no boats to retreat to, the army had to be successful in order to survive. As the soldiers watched the boats burn, they knew there was no turning back – there would be no surrendering.

What is the next action?

  1. Burn the boats and remove all options of retreat.
    • This gives no other option but to fight for what you believe.  There is no "give up" since success becomes the only option.
  2. Use the mind that God gave you to make rational, logical decisions along the way.  When in an area of high risk or completely new to you, trust but verify.
    • While you may have burned your boats, you did not dump your assets overboard.  Protecting assets from the predators, cons and incompetent remains a priority.
  3. Carry a toolbox which allows you to measure success each step of the way. 

Now that you have "burned the boats", you turn to books, training and experts for support with marketing.  You need a tool to "trust but verify".

For anyone claiming to be an online marketing expert, you can use Marketing Grader as one method to evaluate their expertise.

The advantage to Internet marketing vs. offline traditional marketing is:  Data and transparency.  While there is not exactness with the data and each tool may show conflicting results, all the analytics tools give opportunity to show trends and patterns.

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