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Email CTR Boosted 115% by Social Sharing Buttons [infographic]

Email marketing continues to dominate as a key element in a successful marketing plan.  To increase CTR (Click Through Rate) for email, the social sharing button is proving to be important. 

MarketingCharts.com:  Emails that include social sharing buttons have a click-through rate 115% higher than those do not (5.6% vs. 2.6%), according to analysis released in January 2012 by GetReponse, which examined more than 2 billion emails sent by its clients.

The CTR for emails that included a LinkedIn sharing button was highest, at 9.6%, representing more than 400% growth from the previous year, while CTR for emails containing a Facebook (5.4%) or Twitter (5%) sharing button also performed well above those without any social sharing buttons. Continue Reading on MarketingCharts.com »

The infographic below gives an overview of statistics regarding integration of social media sharing buttons into email marketing.

GetResponse Email Marketing and Social Media Infographic
Via: GetResponse Email Marketing


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Fortunately, Hubspot offers tools to create Call to Action buttons which can be added anywhere.

Adding social media sharing buttons in your email will depend on your email management system.  Every system is different, contact your service provider for assistance. 


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