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Get over it, they are undependable

Success depends on people and  people in essence are undependable.  Productivity WILL NOT improve if you continue to rely on undependable people, machines, systems and businesses. 

The traffic, weather, sickness, utility failure and computer breakdowns can change the day and potentially the rest of your life. Accidents happen, work load under anticipated.  Excuses vs. reasons vs. explanations are practiced daily to ensure that others will not lose faith. 

Millions are spent to influence perception of dependability.  Entrepreneurs who rely on undependable people become the very beast they are so critcial of.  If only there was an App for understanding who is dependable, who cares and who needs to be avoided. 

To consider the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur who has a mindset of "get it done" regardless of the complications, here is Maxwell at his best:

Days get complicated for everyone.  Where will the next pressure originate from?

  • The spot on the tie from lunch causes a quick trip to a clothing store.  Five minutes late to the next appointment allows the other person you are meeting to squeeze in one more phone call.  That call reveals that their loan was not approved and the short sale will not happen. The last person you want to have a meeting with at that very moment is a person who feels angry, helpless and wishing for a miracle.
  • The line at the post office today was still out the door.  This proves that those of us who are ignorant and are unwilling to change will remain steadfast with tradition and risk standing in line and dependability.  Since there is pickup at the front door available for Priority and Express Mail and free boxes are provided, it seems wasteful to "stop by the post office" to send a package. 

Every person in line becomes potentially undependable as they rely on an old style system which is unpredictable.

  • The person you are talking to is still focused on a backlog of 2,000 emails in their inbox.  They sound like they are listening but they are headed to forgetfulness land when you part ways.
  • The reality is that the person you are talking to is not interested.  Period.  Not in a sale, a date, an invitation, a partnership.  You are not listening and you are very good at persisting.  Persisting gets the other person to meet their recent goal of escaping you.  They become undependable.

The successful entrepreneur lives in a world of "maybe" and at the end of the day must turn "maybe" into reality.  Trails are blazed as new ideas are formed.  Disbelief by others turns into resistance.  The entrepreneur will not be stopped and continues to turn to other people for support and service.  The successful entrepreneur knows that it is impossible to have everything go as planned and is ready to adapt.  People are undependable and rely on the universe which has more surprises yet to come.

To be more dependable:

  1. Don't eat drippy food and don't eat in the car.
  2. Listen carefully  to the ways someone communicates with you in the first two minutes of connecting with someone:  Body language, tone and words. 
    • What is believed to be small talk in reality shows personal discipline and will begin to shed light on how focused and dependable a person can be.  "The weather" may be the words but there is more being communicated.
  3. Dropping by the Post Office is not the fastest, easiest, cheapest way.
    • Use online postal services.  Faster and now more dependable.
  4. Avoid "maybe", "try", "want to" people.
  5. Make a promise only when you can meet the promise.
  6. Do not base judgment of dependability on social media activity.
  7. Read it again out loud and use spellcheck before you click on "publish".

There is a common theme for people who are more dependable:  They care enough.  Something is bound to push the plan off the tracks.  That is the nature of life.  Those who care enough will make the effort.  Even if you are a bit like Maxwell Smart and find the long and hard way to get it done, you find a way.

When you find these people, do not take them for granted.  Everyone has some element of undependability.  Finding those who care is a gift. 

Being a person who cares means you too are a gift.  Thank you for what you do.


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