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That is when I was hungry and foolish

Looking back five years ago on things that were thought to be so awesome; they now seem lame and almost stupid.  To be so much smarter today allows us to be the cruel judge.  "I was so foolish back then.  I can't believe I wrote that, made that, said that, looked that way." 

This might leave anyone with more fear that the same will happen five years in the future as the "future-you" looks back at the you of today.  If we know that the "future us" will look back at all that was accomplished today and have nothing good to say other than "how naive" and "what poor judgment", it would be a good reason to stop trying.

The successful entrepreneur worries little about the "future self".  The evolution of judgment is expected.  Beautiful websites today will appear ugly in the future.  This blog seems to make a point and go deep for a moment but may later be thought of as trivial and 3rd grade. 

If the only objective is to say to others: "Look at what I can do", then being unaware of poor judgment can have a long lasting impact.  Onlookers will quickly look at the intent and understand the purpose is to "show off" just as when a five year old attempts to impress adults.

If there is a vision, true value, and a serious commitment  to change the community, then potential foolish creativity may be overlooked.  Purpose, vision, commitment and value can overcome those that purple with pink polka-dots.  In fact, the high energy and purpose just may take those purple pink polka-dots to a brand.  "Yes, Mister Expert.  I realize it is not perfect but this is my art, my vision and I believe others will benefit."

That said, maybe looking back from five years in the future won't be so bad after all.  Sure I was a bit foolish with this word or that crazy graphic.  No, that video did not represent me very well and I can see that now.  I will still wonder what I was thinking when I put peanut butter on the cat to see how much it could lick off.

In this video, Steve Jobs refers to "stay hungry, stay foolish".  That, in of itself, is a validation for any creative juices that flowed five years ago and those of today. 

Here is the video again where Steve Jobs reflects on history:


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