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Revelations for Revolution and Reality Change

Change is difficult to accept.  More effort, more work and more investment is synonymous with "change".  Progress is not immediate as result of change and in under 60 minutes there is someone who will say: "I told you this would happen". 

Change is proposed with an expectation of improvement.  Instead there is a pause and hesitation as the system adjusts to the new changes. 

Improvement is not seen quickly as the training which forced habits and turned into subconscious competencies no longer exist when change occurs.  The most skilled can quickly turn into fumblers as they are incapacitated with change.  Change creates environments where egos deflate and uncertainty rises. 

Uncertainty tends to be the prelude for verbal confirmation: "Change is bad".

If you propose change, it must elevate the results more than a step.  Change must be enough to create a new reality.  That new reality is one where even those most resistant can recognize the benefits and have hope.

What is sad is that so many wait for bad results to initiate change.  "This is terrible.  Something has to change."  There is a good chance that someone anticipated the potential for "terrible".  Too bad they are in the minority, the "terrible results" could have been avoided.

If you are one who says that things are the same today as they were yesterday, maybe you haven't yet seen the news.  Today your world changed again:

Porn sites set to go .XXX

Android Market tops 10 billion downloads

Apple Not Allowed to Call an iPad an iPad in China, Court Rules


Another earth? That is a milestone!


To create change you need to have a new paradigm, a calendar and a team which has an open mind. 

Start with a paradigm change with these videos:


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