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Google+ Pages for Business Debuts

Google+ Pages adds the option for businesses to participate on more than from a personal level.  Social media is not limited to connecting people with people. It is also about selling people stuff.  With the launch of Google+ Pages, the social network becomes potentially more useful for businesses, allowing businesses and plus users to connect via Google Hangouts and to +1 businesses and so forth.  As all things in the software world, start simple and wait for the evolution.

Since the debut of Google+ in June, the service now has an estimated 40 million users and 3.4 billion photos uploaded.

Just what does the new Google+ Pages look like?  Watch the video:

A number of pages are already available, but any organization will soon be able to join the community at plus.google.com/pages/create.

The launch of Google+ Pages can help people turn their queries into connections.  There are new ways to add pages to circles from Google search. The first is by including Google+ pages in search results, and the second is a new feature called Direct Connect. 

Google is integrating these pages into its search formula so it’s bound to have an impact.  Since users will be able to add businesses to their Circles from within Google Search, business owners will have an incentive to join up.  Search for a company with a + before the company name then make the choice to add that company to your Circles. Google is calling this Direct Connect.  More can be learned about Direct Connect on Google's blog.

The quick video about Direct Connect gives you heads up.

Consumers have a bit more control since Pages can’t add users to their circles until users have added the page – which should cut down on Google Plus spam. 

Pages are easy to create, too. In fact, you can add to your Circles here.

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