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Relationship Status Update Shows Cell Phone as Top Pick [infographic]

This infographic shows the relationship status and the impact of social media on the most important relationship you have; your significant other.  We hope that the relationship with your significant other (partner, spouse, etc) is amazing, awesome, rich and rewarding.  Apparently for that to happen, a majority are communicating with cell phones and texting.  (Is texting considered social media?)

This infographic shows how people interact, connect and communicate.  Notice how important the cell phone and texting is in the way people communicate with their spouses and partners.

The reality is that those who are very (very) close show more inclination to connect via making a phone call and/or sending a text.  Facebook messaging is 3rd on the list.  If you have a retail or B2C business, this may be a hint to go where they are expecting (and looking forward to) making contact.

You might think of it a like "romancing the customer" which in reality is what a guerrilla marketing trainer and coach will tell you:  "Treat them as if they are your friend, your family or royalty".  -- I suppose we can also add: "Your partner".

Think about what these numbers might have looked like five years ago.  Based on what you remember, the infographic makes it tough to ignore the trends don't you think?

(If you are looking for a date, it is time to take another look at Facebook)


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