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The Most Popular Cars of the Future [infographic]

For the next business idea, dream bigger or adapt your business to those who are dreaming bigger.  Who is buying the cars of the future and what will they need?  Since those who buy the most popular cars will not stop at the car, it may be time for you to think about the next litter bag that is styled for the Mini Paceman (which needs to be very compact).  The 2012 ZL1 Camaro has 580 horsepower.  You may want to set up the websites now for specialty insurance, radar detectors and bumper guards. 

Begin today with the products and services which will be specifically targeted for the future owners of the cars in the following infographic.

Most Popular Cars of the Future

Automobiles will forever have a strange hold on the American culture.  It is almost time to look at the parking lot and begin to mark which parking stalls will have the re-charging stations for the all electrice cars.

You may chuckle at the thought but if you provide a charging station to those who have the money, means and interest to buy an electric vehicle; providing the electric car owners a charging station may have new customers looking your way who may never have before. 

Source: Wikipedia:  Public charging stations in San Francisco 2009

For the mom-and-pop shops, there will be long orange extension cords laying in front of the park stalls.  Valet service will be extended to Valet and Charge service.  "Free Car Charge" with your purchase over $25 will be seen on the advertising.  Where phone booths used to sit in parking lots, there will soon be a coin operated charging station.  Tow trucks may have the toughest time.  How will a tow truck offer a jump for an electric vehicle?

Leap frog, think ahead, make it newsworthy and others will share how crazy your are... which will keep you on the map and top of mind.


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