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Use Convey to Sell Content

Sell your content with ConveySM or give your content away for free. What kind of content can you provide via ConveySM ?  Files, videos, webinars, reports, books, audios, whitepapers and much more.


Why would you consider this as an option?  There is no merchant account needed and you can join for free.  Yes, you could write a book, use Brainshark or use Paypal to sell a simple ebook but ConveySM also offers the option to sell your presentations, videos and audios.


You will not be able to simply upload fluff, junk, hype, garbage and other forms of content which fills the Internet.  The content will be screened and providers need to be approved.  This is good news if the team at ConveySM keeps high standards. 

If you want to be a Provider

If you have business content and want to get it noticed by business professionals, Convey has a solution for you. Convey accepts business content that is informative and educational and screens its providers before they can join the platform and post content.

Do you want to join ConveySM ?

Apply to join as a ConveySMprovider, describing yourself or your organization and the type of content you will post on the platform. ConveySM will generate an email acceptance with your login so that you can go online and create a Provider Profile.

Managing Payment via ConveySM

Payment for your content is managed by the Convey platform through its merchant relationship with Fairway Payments. Providers can specify pricing by purchaser type, discounts, refund policy and shipping charges for books. Members pay for content with their credit card and Convey remits payment to the provider.

Posting Content

Providers can post as much content as they want as long as that content is consistent with Convey guidelines. Posting takes only minutes and each content posts can be completely customized with how content is accessed, images, uploaded files and descriptions.


Before you take action with ConveySM , there are questions yet to be answered.  When you click on the Sign-Up Now button, there is not a response because it has only recently been launched.  Have patience, there is more to come.

Will learning about ConveySM before the rest of the world be good news because you can be in the lead?  If you are on the cutting edge, will this platform give you an advantage?

It is not yet in full lauch so you do not yet see contact information, toll free number or help desk; the more serious business owners may hold back until the service matures.  You may have heard of CopperConferencing which is introducing ConveySM.  You might find their services and background helpful as you analyze the service.

Bookmark Convey and be sure to check back.  Watching companies grow is interesting and as everything falls into place, you may be able to catch the wave early. 

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