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Black Friday Twitter Deals [infographic]

Twitter is taking on new meaning as Black Friday becomes a perfect opportunity for businesses to unload inventory and feed the shoppers who have a craving to "make a deal".

Shopping combat is almost upon us.  Don your gear if you are in business to sell products on Black Friday.  Oddly enough, Black Friday for many retail stores will begin at midnight on Thanksgiving.  The strategy is to catch the shoppers who are having a high on Tryptophan (from Turkey overload), with low or low sleep in order to feed their frenzy while in a weakened state.  Lose the logic, enable the hoarding gene and open the doors in the middle of the night.  Thanksgiving will become a race through dinner, a nap and preparation with shopping armor to survive the stampede.

There may not be a better time to reduce inventory than on Black Friday when the perception is "It has a red tag so buy it". Go into the attic or store room and dust off the boxes.  Taking advantage of people who will stand in the cold lined up for hours to get that deal is expected.

Last year proved had Black Friday a profitable adventure for some.  The keyword is "some".  Here is an infographic which shows how much money was spent and the average per shopper.

Black Friday Sales


The new twist includes Twitter.  If you have a retail location, you may want to connect with @BlackFriday on Twitter.  They are eager to share the deals on Twitter.



Don't forget @BlackFridayAds on Twitter.



If shopping on Black Friday is how you do your Christmas shopping and you decide to maximize Twitter, your eyes may be glued to the computer screen.  A website that aggregates all the Twitter feeds onto one page is on the Washington Post.  This is an example of how Twitter has moved beyond a communication tool and into a broadcast medium.


If you are a business owner and know there are Twitter feeds specifically focused on offering shoppers an opportunity to part with their money, will Twitter become more of a priority during the holiday season?

If you are a shopper, you are already salivating at the idea of using the Twitter tools to find the next best deal.

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