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Business Success with a Power Nap [infographic]

Business success tip:  Get more done by taking naps.  Taking a nap just might be what the doctor ordered and could increase energy and productivity.  Winston Churchill took naps and so did President Clinton.  If it is good enough for country leaders, isn't it something to consider?  Not convinced?  Geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison napped which has you in good company should you decide to add naps to your daily routine.

March 14th is National Napping Day.   A good day to give out pillow cases or pillows as part of your marketing campaign?

Changing reality requires one to have an open mind and ask "what if".  To give you more to think about, look at the facts in this infographic about napping:

Find beds or an outdoor daybed today!

Schedule a micro-nap into your schedule and let people know that you are not available with a big sign: "Napping" 

If your productivity and creativity are low and stress is high, is a nap the best prescription?  Cultures with siestas have a lower rate of coronary heart disease.  That may be an argument enough for putting a place to nap at the workplace.

What does it take to create business success?  Will it be a 20 minute power nap?

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