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Facebook is Where People Spend the Most Time in August 2011

While Google remains the most visited site in August, Facebook is where people spent the most time.  The Nielsen Company reports that the average time spent on Facebook was 7 hours and 45 minutes in August. 

As you review the data from the top ten websites, you will see a large variance in the length of time.  Often business owners ask "How long should someone stay on my website?"  The answer lie in the purpose of the website.  Since Facebook and AOL is designed for people to connect, share and socialize, the length of time spent will be more.  That is the nature of people.  If you compare the amount of time spent on Facebook vs. Wikipedia (the least amount of time), it becomes obvious that Wikipedia does what is was intended to do.  Wikipedia can't be considered a failure because of the length of time spent on the website. 

Another example of how the purpose of the site determines the length of time is Amazon.  While Amazon had the largest increase (5.9%) and continues to expand office space and hire employees; the length of time people spent on their website is less than 31 minutes a month.  (As compared to Facebook's 7+ hours)


What may be perplexing to the entrepreneur relates to reported data.  What is the number of people who will open a Facebook browser and keep it handy with no interest or activity?  Example:  The television may be turned on but necessarily used for anything more than noise in the room.  Will a screen showing Facebook in the browser be an indication that a body is sitting in front of it?  Or will the browser be open to Facebook as a way to keep handy for an occassional glance?

The report shows how the average person online had 66 sessions and visited 99 websites.  When you consider the average person spent over 30 hours online in August, the word "couch potato" will soon have a different spin.

What I take away from the data is "The right amount of time spent on a website is exactly how much time it takes for the visitor to get what they want." 

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