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Get Ready for Guerrilla Marketing as Congress May Permit RoboCalls

Hot news.  If you love guerrilla marketing opportunities, this news about robot calls may be up your alley.  Regardless of how you feel about the tactics yourself, if executed on a more personal level, there are opportunities to have high impact campaigns:

Congress May Permit Robot Calls To Cell Phones

A bill, HR 3035 (PDF), has been introduced in Congress, that would create numerous exceptions to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which banned autodialed and prerecorded robot calls to cell phone numbers. If passed, HR 3035 would permit a wide range of autodialed and prerecorded calls to cell phones that are currently prohibited, and would preempt practically all state laws providing similar protections.

With political campaigns around the corner, why wouldn't such a bill be passed?  It allows the opportunity to touch more voters with automation.

Here is a CallFire video which will open your mind a bit more to the possibility:

If you need to catch up with the old law:

guerrilla marketing with robo calls

You say: "It is intrusive and annoying".

I say:  "Anything can be annoying.  The same people who complain about annoying then turn on obnoxious reality shows and turn up the TV while a chef yells at the staff."

I say:  "It is more about how the tools and services are used than it is about the services themselves." 

Maybe the messages need to start out:  "Hey!  Did you hear about the one where the dog ...."

A quick story would entice a bit more don't you think?

Watch what happens next and be ready for the opportunity to reach out to more people.

In case you are not thoroughly familiar with the robo-call systems, check out more at Wikipedia:  RoboCall.

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