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3 Reasons Your Marketing Works

Breaking down marketing effectiveness into the simplest terms, there are three basics to any type of marketing. They are (in exact order):

GRAB their attention

This will happen via a snail mail envelope, an email subject line, a PPC link, a title in the search engine results page - SERP ... etc.

DELIVER your offer

The goal is to get people to read, understand, watch, and pay attention to your message.  Make the offer both believable and understandable.

Inspire them to TAKE ACTION

Join, download, order, buy, sign up, call, enter, purchase, complete the form, etc.


Once the potential buyer finds you, or you find the potential buyer, the three basics are in constant flux as "testing, testing, testing" is never ending.  Improving the conversion rate to maximize sales opportunities is top of mind.

Advanced measurements for how the marketing vehicle grabs them, delivers the offer and inspires to take action leaves a piece of the puzzle missing.  The answer is test, test and more test.  No amount of research can replace the actual results.

The advantage to inbound marketing is that someone is already searching for the product or service and what they search for is trackable online.

If, however, wrong assumptions are made about the three basics for grab, deliver and take action; the inbound marketing effectiveness falters.

Judgment becomes a curse vs. a blessing and those marketers who are overly creative become their own barrier to success.  Yellow and purple are not always appealing; titles with metaphors and complex action steps can be limiting.

Here is somone who would like to inspire you to take action:

business success blog request

business success blog subscribe man

Ok, pretty people may offer something inspiring for those who care.

What is in common with what you do each day:  Offer a smile and an invitation.

Use faces and smiles.  Don't mix purple and yellow and get distracting with psychedelic stripes.  Listen first and emulate the leaders.

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