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Be like lightning, thunder is always last

Are you like lightning?  Business success for the entrepreneur requires action.  This video shows a recent lightning storm in Tucson, AZ.  Demonstrating the spontaneous action needed by every successful entrepreneur, the photographer  seized the moment.  For Adam Block, it was his camera and tripod. 

Thunderstorms roll over Tucson. Captured from Mount Lemmon 08-02-2011.

Thank you Brittany Faulker (and mom) for sharing.

Getting caught up in a routine will keep an entrepreneur trapped and doing only what seems necessary.  When you come face to face with an opportunity, many barriers can keep you from taking advantage:  too tired, no time, over committed, doing unnecessary tasks, spending time with people who don't have the will to overcome the barriers, prioritizing consuming vs. producing, or studying. 

What is needed is a different mindset, a notepad, an audio recorder, a camera.  Changing your mindset and learning new skills may require a coach.  Better to invest in a coach vs. long term almost survival.  Other tools of the trade needed depends on the business.  Every business must include the ability to move quickly online.

If you need resources to help your business move like lightning, here is where you can find very fast and easy tools of the trade for moving quickly online:



The lightning at the top of this website is from outside my back door on June 2nd, 2008.  When the storm starts, you can run or you can grab the opportunity and go for it.  The current economics are stormy and it is time to move forward rather than hiding in a hole.

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