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What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it?

What is Google+ (Google Plus)?  What's the point?  This Epipheo video will edutain you while explaining Google+:

Google+ is too new and maybe you need more. 

Google+ is not a replacement.  The new tool takes a new spin on how to connect and organize connections.  Everyone is in a circle and you can decide which circle they will be in. 

Who has time to manage every detail?  Balancing checkbooks and keeping old fashioned address books up to date was difficult. 

Is this a tool for social media marketing?  Or would it be a data collector which allows traditional marketing agencies to expand targeted campaigns online?  As a marketing guy, I look forward to the opportunity.  As a person who wants to fend of the data collectors, I shy away and lean towards having a fake name and fake birthday.

google plus videos

Will the process be to put someone in a circle and never look back to move them in the future?  If this is true, then first impressions may be more important than ever.  Warning:  Make a good first impression or be put in the "bad news" circle.

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