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Why no one is reading your blog

One of the reasons no one is reading your blog is because "everyone" can do it.  The entry point is low since little skill is needed and anyone can start for free.  It is not a wonder that the corporate world has difficulty in moving into an arena where the streets are full of soapboxes shouting out:  The World is Ending.  If a corporate entity sets up their soapbox next to the crazies, the wrong associations could be formed and influence perceptions.

Seth Godin makes an excellent point about how the ratio of people watching and reading content vs. creating content was a million to one.

Fast forward fifty years the ratio has dropped from a million to one....

.... to maybe a 100 to 1.

The point is more important than the exactness of the numbers.  If you only have 10 minutes and don't have time to keep up with both Seth Godin and myself, choose Seth.  (Until I shave my head and can tell the future.)

seth godin blog

If you are selling lemonade it better be a very hot day on the beach.   Likewise if you are creating content, advertising, and marketing it better be earth shattering and directed to the exact crowd who is interested.

The street where your soapbox stood alone is now crowded with all sizes and shapes of soapboxes.   The street is so crowded with soapboxes, it is at time difficult for people to move around. 

Don't be a hindrance by standing on a soapbox (blog) to broadcast the same message as the soapbox next door.

Maybe it is time to get into the soapbox business.

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