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Business Success by Tricking Out and Modifying Cars - Infographic

Narrow down your product or service line.  Inbound marketing success will depend on understanding the passion of potential buyers vs. your products and services.  Many business success coaches will tell you to first find the market and chase it.  In other words, instead of paying attention to what you are passionate about and have expertise with, chase what is hot and find products or services to meet the demand regardless of your expertise.

One such passion is about cars.  Cars have always been and always will be.  So much is the obssession that big money will flow to modify their "baby" and ultimately the owner is driving the most tricked out car in the neighborhood.

If you are not familiar with the automobile marketplace, the modification and the technical aspects, you may see the big money opportunity and think "Create a business from scratch based on demand".  If people (mostly boys) are willing to spend extreme amounts of money on their cars, it seems shiny and appealing as a business.

Here is an infographic which shows the most common cars to modify, average cost and how people (most boys) most commonly upgrade their cars. 

Most Modified Cars in America

My concern for entrepreneurs is the shiny opportunities which show up daily in the form of "the next big deal".   At the end of a year, a hard working small business owner has five projects started, five almost product launches and a few more shiny million dollar project in the wings.

Inbound marketing is about getting found by those who are "payment passionate" about what it is you have on your shelf.  The Internet has become the bridge for everyone around the world and removed the middle-man.  Thus, it only makes sense for a new business owner to list passions, skills, expertise, personal network, partners and tools before determining which product or service to offer.

If the shiny opportunity in the infographic is calling your name because you know how to modify cars, then golden opportunities await. 

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