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Internet Providers Will Now Be Copyright Cops says Wendy Seltzer

This news report by Bloomberg is more than illegal copyright downloading and copyright cops.  It is about who (or what) will become the final control point for accessing the virtual world.  If the Internet can't be controlled, it might certainly be taxed.  While no one owns the Internet, the services providers can certainly tabulate, monitor and control the input. 

Aug.4 (Bloomberg) -- Wendy Seltzer, Fellow at Princeton University's Center for Technology Policy, talks with Bloomberg Law's Lee Pacchia about a new approach between Internet Service Providers and content providers to curb online copyright infringement.

If you are relying on material for your business which has a copyright, more sophisticated recognition software may have the ability to scan and report your graphics, videos and audios. 


Premium - Check if content is unique and original.   Copysentry - Monitor the web regularly for plagiarism.


The video hosting sites such as Vimeo and YouTube will inform you quickly if an audio is recognized as copyrighted by another party.  Both will turn your account off due to repeat violations.  This process is all automated and is difficult to reverse.

Small business owners borrow and swipe content from anywhere and everywhere.  This video is a cautionary warning if you are not following the law in regards to copyright law.  The issue is not limited to illegal music or movie downloads.

If you are looking for free images, check out:  Dreamstime

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