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The Web & Business Tools Startups Use Most [Infographic]

BestVendor surveyed over 550 folks at business startups with up to 100 employees and created an infographic showing the results.  The objective was to determine what a “Startup’s Toolkit” might look like.  What are the products and providers which are leading the way among those new businesses are going to shoot for the moon and possibly be the next Amazon?

A word of caution, because others use specific software or web tools is not a good reason for your business to do so.  The old saying: "If you saw everyone jumping off a cliff, would you?" comes to mind.  That is one reason why an expert such as The Web Tools Guy can be your shortcut to making a selection.  On the other hand, there are many software tools in my own business toolkit which are shown on the infographic.

Remember to consider what each company offers for support, phone access, forums, length of time in business as you think about adding a new tech tool to your kit.  It is better to pass those products and services which have minimum  support, training, stability and experts to hire.

The Startup Toolkit: Click for a larger image

As I look at the infographic, could it be that it is sheep following other sheep when making a selection?

The issue for many small business owners is "over buying".  What portion of the software does anyone truly harness?  If $500 is spent on "the best" software tools and only 10% of its potential is used, it is important to re-think. 

My Two Bits:  Invest in software tools which you will maiximize otherwise forever be held hostage by lack of knowledge or the "specialist" who is the only expert.

Quickbooks is on the list.  While for a checkbook program in a small business, it is tough to compare to a software tool like SYSPRO.

Dropbox is on the infographic as popular.  I do love Dropbox.

What is missing?

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