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Geeks are Better in Business than Nerds Infographic

Geeks rule the world.  Geeks are better at creating business success than Nerds.  Geeks understand inbound marketing better than the Jocks, Dorks, Dweebs or Nerds.  The infographic below shows how it is the age of the Geek and they are proud to be known as a Geek.  No longer is the corporate world ruled only by those with a good golf swing and charming personalities.  This gives hope to the smaller kid on the playground who the other kids make fun of.

"Just you wait!  I will invent a way for water to store data and so the oceans will be giant data storage devices," says the small boy or girl with an extreme imagination.

Dorks are socially awkward and unable to follow through person to person.  Dorks do like the social media tools though, since there is a barrier in the form of technology and a screen between them and other people.

Dweebs show intelligence but like Dorks, they too have awkwardness in the social networking department.

Nerds have a good mix of every problem and strength (Intelligence, Obsession and Social Awkwardness).  Call someone a Nerd and there is not the pride you see when you call them a Geek.  Nerds want to be called Geeks. 

The infographic is important because understanding yourself, your team and your potential buyer is the foundation for revelations and that sudden epiphany.

ecommerce geek infographic
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When you put together a team, understanding the strengths and weaknesses is critical.  Too many geeks is not a good thing. 

In your collaborative team (whether it be in house or outsourced) you will be looking for:  Geek, Sales Expert, Inbound Marketing Expert, Finance Expert, Leader, Legal Expert, Graphics Expert, Writer, Traditonal Marketing Pro and someone who acts as the glue in the center who is often thought of as a Virtual Assistant.  This is assuming you have a product or service.  The remainder of the team will include those who execute and deliver.

When the entrepreneur who says: "I want to get rich" but continues to wear every hat and act as the "Jack of All Trades but master of none", the only way the entrepreneur is getting rich is with stories.

Geeks are ruling the world so be sure to have one on your team.  P.S. I am a Geek.

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