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Emotion Identifying X-Ray Glasses to Read Minds

emotion indentifying x ray glasses

Ever lie to the boss?  If you are in business, have you been lied to by an employee or even a customer?  Emotion Identifying X-Ray Glasses are the next phase as the person who wears them can almost read minds.  Or can they?  In reality the person who wears the emotion identifying glases is reading body language via facial expressions. 

Is the person bored?  Excited?  Sad, mad, glad?  If you are wearing social media eyeglasses and learn the other person is lying to you, what would you do?  Would you reveal your secret that you can almost read minds (facial expressions) to the person who is obviously lying?

A customer brings back a pair of pants and you ask them:  "Did you wear them?"  "No!" is their response but you know they are lying because of the special glasses.

Here is what I think you should do:  Start a new business.

The new business will build "fake emotion identifying x-ray glasses".  If you are wearing a pair of the fake glasses and other people believe you have the real emotion identifying glasses, they won't lie to you.

Once the word is out and the new glasses become more common place, there will be big money in fake emotion identifying x-ray glasses just as there is in fake security cameras.

New business ideas are easy to come by.  You do have to listen, read the news, and stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology.  This one is a keeper but you have to start planning now.

Who would produce these fake emotion identifying x-ray glasses?  I know know someone.  She would take care of everything. Contact me and I will introduce you.

Here is transcript from Newsy:

You're watching multisource science news analysis from Newsy.



"The idea of these glasses is terrifying. They essentially declare war on the white lie, something we often use to smooth over social interactions. Why does your aunt need to know you didn't like her Christmas present? These specs would seem to consign us to a life of involuntary radical honesty..."

Luckily, Picard says the software is not universal yet. Currently the algorithm is based on a sample of British actors, so emotional responses from different cultures would need to be recorded in order to make the software more universal. CNET explains -- they're already working to remedy that issue.

"The company is also in talks with a Japanese firm that wants to use the software to distinguish between 10 different types of smiles on Japanese faces."

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