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Fears of Publishing and 2 Million Square Ft of Storage [infographic]

Uploading everything to online storage in the cloud?  Data storage is important to understand if you are a writer who is publishing for e-readers, blogging for business, backing up your photos and videos or even storing email "in the cloud".   If your business success is dependent on a point of sale system which stores information in the cloud, the paradigm change in how the data is out of your "control" may cause one to pause and mistrust.   

Where is the world's data stored?  How much is on a hard drive vs. optical storage?  Will there be a data storage shortage?

Mozy has put together an infographic which may make the small business owner feel more comfortable about data storage off premise or it may prove the point that data storage off premise is too risky.  Here is the infographic:


Note that there is over 2 million square feet in Chicago, IL dedicated to data storage.  Think about the job of sweeping/mopping the floor.  No photos on the walls.  The issues are dust, heat and boredom.  Back-up systems must be in place and the risk of power outages could become the biggest nightmare.  Large buildings without too many parking places redefine the old style factory where the parking lots were larger than the buildings where the employees work.

What happens if you are in the middle of publishing the next great manuscript and it all goes up in smoke?  It disappears!  How about those photos which will never be replaced?  Like an eagle landing on a branch which breaks?  You caught it perfectly but then the storage system zaps your photo and the future book deal becomes a fizzle?

Maybe you do not believe that your computer's hard drive is trustworthy but you are still nervous about storing data in "the cloud".  If you want to back up on both your hard drive AND the Internet simultaneously, your best choice is Dropbox.

Dropbox synchronizes your computer with other computers, hand helds, mobile devices and keeps a copy online in the cloud.  Everything is automatic.  Your data is in three or four places all at once.

It is free.  Watch the video:


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