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Google+ vs. Facebook Infographic

Google+ vs. Facebook.  The infographic below tries to show the difference.  Which will be better?  Will Google "win"?  In the end, business owners will have a similar predicament as seen in the days of phone books. 

Once upon a time there was only one phone book.  Everything was in the phone book and it was the official resource for finding anything and anyone.  Then came the second phone book, then the third.  Which phone book was the best?  The small business owner became frustrated and took the original phone book budget and split it multiple ways.  Their yellow page advertising became smaller in each book and as the prices increased, the small business owner had a decision to make:  Drop phone book advertising.

Along the way, big companies hired agencies to negotiate rates which were drastically lower than what a small business owner could have.  While trying to compete in the market, the small business owner would try to match the phone book presence and put themselves into the poor house.  They did not realize that the large companies were getting advertising rates at half their rate.

The proliferation of phone books and low usage has the legal system intitiating phone book legislation to control waste.

phone book legislation

This is not about Google+ and Facebook.  In essence, isn't it about advertising?  Which media to choose, which tactic and what marketing plan to implement?  How much to invest?  Over what period of time?  If the future is murky as to what the ROI will be, the expense of testing can keep many small business owners with a tight budget waiting and watching.

We have already learned NOT to create a business page on Google+ in the last blog article.  We also know that fine print is not read by either the consumer or the small business owner. 

To break down the fine print in simpler form, here is an infographic to compare Google+ and Facebook:

facebook versus google plus mine

2011 is half over.  2012 planning on the near horizon.  Given a limited budget and resources, you begin to make a list for next year.  Which marketing vehicles will you choose to test in 2012?  Will Google+ or Facebook be on the list?  Other social media platforms?  Will you focus only on technology or will you apply guerrilla marketing tactics and test a combination of tools?

Or will your plan to stick with the old ways and work harder and longer to create sales?  (It may be time to look again at the five essentials to business success)

Do NOT limit your tests only to new technology.  Instead, combine traditional and new high tech marketing options to create synergy, where 1+1=3.  The successful guerrilla marketing savvy business owner knows there is no magic bullet or one primary method of maintaining business growth. Focus on the how customers prefer to be engaged. 

There will be more options online.  Every company would love to create a product and service which is as important as every other utility.  Google+ will have an impact and so will Facebook.  Changes in search engines will also impact how a business gets found.  Mobile devices, PC tablets and GPS will draw your marketing dollar.

Which will you be testing?  If you try to do them all, you will have about as much success as trying to juggle 14 swords while walking on a tight rope across the Colombia River during a storm while smoking a cigarette and singing "I Can't Get No Satisfaction".

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