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Search Outloud with Voice Search by Google

Voice Search from Google will not be allowing you to relax through the summer.  Google has introduced new updates and new ways to search.  The video below shows how Voice Search is only available in Chrome.  It gives a quick instruction on how to find what you are looking for without a mouse or keyboard.  This may become the ultimate search tool.

The inbound marketing thought process will need a small adjustment.  As the number of people who use their mobile devices to bark our search orders to their mobile device increases, a slow chaos will begin as the smart devices stretch to understand the spoken word.

No voice system is perfect and the search results tracked will have confusion.  A new process of analytics will be specific to voice search since people think differently when they speak vs. when they type.  The words chosen when speaking are likely to be different than when typing from the keyboard into the search bar. 

I predict that phrases will be shorter when speaking.  While spelling will not be an issue, the phonetic sounds and poor sound quality mobile provides on the run will begin to show mixed results.  The analytics tools currently used will become less trustworthy and more PayPerClick will be needed to test keywords.  My prediction is that between the push button screens where keyboards are less common combined with voice search and mobile, the trends for keyword phrases is about to change.

The best solution is to master your business in such a way that anticipation of their needs is 2nd nature.  Narrowing vs. broadening is the key.  Becoming the ultimate expert in a narrow niche vs. the jack of all trades will keep a business at the top of both voice or keyboard keyword searches.

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