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Your Computer May be Hacked: All you need to know

While not top of mind until the media reports how a large company was hacked, having your computer hacked remains a high risk.  I can attest to an instance where someone reached out and took over my computer, created new usernames and passwords and locked me out.  Since then my computer is doubly secure and the data is backed up religiously.

Here is an infographic which shows statistics including how a six character lower case password can be hacked in 10 minutes. 

[Via: Gadgets and Gizmos]

If you are spending time fixing your computer, you are not marketing.  If your computer is not in tip top operation, you will not be building business.  If the computer is the focus as you stumble each day, you become very adept at reloading software and fixing hacks but will fail to take care of your family.

Be prepared. 

Here are tools to use which might be helpful to keep your computer clean and protected.  Most are free.

Malwarebytes  Free

Avast   Free

Trendmicro   Free

AVG   Free

Advanced System Care

Another option for low cost:


If the roadblocks to success can be avoided by installing software, even a small investment may save thousands of dollars from the hackers.

How many characters are in your password?

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