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My Dad and Author and the Inbound Marketing Slave

Dean Hartzell (my Dad) has continued to break new ground and do the unusual.  In the last year or so he has published two books, published Kindle books, created his own website and will soon finish the third book in the series. 

Why is this unusual?  Dad is 79 years old and just won't stop.  While others kick back, Dad just keeps going.

The first two books Dad wrote are for sale on either Amazon or his own website.  If you buy his book on www.virdean.com, be sure and ask for an autograph.

 changing the rules dean hartzell breaking the rules dean hartzell
Changing The Rules: A Junior High Suspense Story Breaking The Rules: A High School Mystery

Here is dad's website where you can buy his books and booklets direct.

dean hartzell author

Dad's favorite quote is:

"I have a grander standard of principle than George Washington. He could not lie, but I won't." - Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

Mark Twain was a special inspiration to Dad as he wrote the books.  He wants to inspire the imagination just as Mark Twain did in his days with young people exploring and overcoming the obstacles.

"Changing the Rules" is now in the local library in Puyallup and local junior high school library along with a few local retail stores.  If you live locally, go to the library and check it out. 

Here are a few more details about his books:

changing the rules dean hartzellChanging the Rules:

Junior Highers face their own world of trauma. As the new year starts, 9th grader Sebastian Boyle, finds himself caught in one eruption after another; changing rules, a school strike, an abduction and on and on as the list grows out of control. Although he tries to keep it all in, in the end he finds help is available from an unexpected source.


breaking the rules dean hartzellBreaking the Rules:

Following an unsuccessful endangering intrusion into Sebastian Boyle's home by the Diangello brothers, the brothers expand their tentacles into Emerald Ridge High School and threaten Sebastian, his friends and the school. An armed theft from the school office safe leads to grave threats. Sebastian begins to perceive that the brothers are not just after him but are part of a master plot of bombing and kidnapping. Working with Homeland Security and in secret sometimes, Sebastian and his cohorts begin to unravel the mystery. In over their heads in the crime scene, the outcome is not certain. Forced to seek a safe-house on Mt. Rainier, Sebastian finds that wildlife in the wilderness offers parallel challenges.

More about Dad:

Born in Ohio, farm raised, Dean Hartzell is a Korean War Navy veteran, a retired electronics design engineer and design manager, father of seven, a Pacific Northwest resident, with spouse. He is the author of Changing The Rules and Breaking the Rules.

This is a summary of what you will find on Amazon and it seems to be lacking.  I remember so much more along with saving my life, teaching me chess, supporting my wild adventures and telling what seems like thousands of stories.  Think about the complexity of raising seven kids and yes, he is still married to Mom who should not be forgotten simply because it is Father's Day.

Here is my invitation to you:

Buy both of Dads' books and I will personally be your Guerrilla Marketing / Inbound Marketing Slave for an hour.

All you have to do is show me your proof of purchase.  You can send it to contact@michaelhartzell.com

What does a Guerrilla Marketing / Inbound Marketing Slave do for an hour?  Write, link, create graphics, coach, brainstorm, analyze website presence, link building or whatever seems to be your biggest hurdle to taking your business online.

These books are great for a gift or your own reading pleasure.  If they were bad, I would not be making this offer.  They are great and so you win with two great books even if you did not want to take advantage of a Guerrilla Marketing / Inbound Marketing Slave.

It is your choice whether you want to order the books on Amazon or buy them direct from his website.  Obviously if you buy them from his website, you can nudge him for an autograph (which he would be happy to provide.)

Order the books.  Send a copy of your proof of purchase to contact@michaelharzell.com and we will set up the time for when I will become your personal Guerrilla Marketing / Inbound Marketing Slave. 

This offer ends on Midnight of December 31, 2011.

Note:  If you choose to order the books because they sound awesome and are not interested in my offer, no worries.  Please think about it, though.  I bet that you have a non-profit group you support, or a church, or a school that you participate with? 

It only takes a couple of minutes.  Order the books as a gift to make someone's day. 

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