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I want to watch

People like to watch.  Do you as well?  Is too much watching interrupting your success in business?  In 2011 Youtube has hit the 3 billion views per day mark.  You might have one of two thoughts:  1)  It is too crowded and anything I do won't matter.  2) WOW, Youtube viewership has doubled again - How can I participate?

youtube views 2011

Have you made a video yet?  People like to watch.

As you can see, what is in the video above is also seen below:

If you are motivated to conquer the world or change the community but have not yet made a video, and are struggling as to how or which tool to use, this might be a good place to start.

As I type this article in Hubspot, you see me capturing the screen and making a video.  The FREE tool I am using is:  JING.   

You can download this free tool at www.jingproject.com.

Jing does much more than simply capture the screen for videos or for images.  Jing can also edit the images at a basic level with additional highlights.  The purpose is to not just tell, but to show and tell.

Next you will need to have a Youtube account.  It seems by now that almost everyone has one.

It's your turn.  Make a video to feed the frenzy of those who like to watch.

What this is about:  There are watchers and there are entrepreneurs taking action.  Watchers are always behind the game and wondering why.

Take any day and consider how much time you have spent:

  • Watching videos on Youtube (3 billion times a day)
  • Watching webinars to learn new skills
  • Watching a speaker to change paradigms
  • Watching staff get it done
  • Watching football, baseball, basketball and the rest
  • Watching your kids play sports
  • Watching the opposite sex trying to think of how to get a date
  • Watching TV - So many options
  • Watching others play video games
  • Watching your spouse do something interesting
  • Watching the cashier while standing in a long line
  • Watching the bidding during the last half hour of an auction
  • Are there more to add?

How many hours in a week are spent "watching"?  Where has the time gone?  What has been accomplished?  The successful entrepreneur will STOP watching and turn on the GO! switch.

No more watching.  Instead:  Get things doneDo a webinar, create a video, write a book, skip TV, minimize sports, be productive with kids and spouse vs. just watching.  In fact, replace most "watching moments" with planning, production, and pursuading

Entrepreneurs need to be the ultimate guerrilla marketers.  Guerrilla marketers watch with the purpose of evaluating why there is success or understanding the potential of a product.  Rarely does a guerrilla marketer stand back and watch and just hope that someone will try or buy.

A good question to ask when your check book is not quite as fat as desired and the profit & loss statements are flat: 

What is the ratio of time "watching" vs. getting it done? Get out the stopwatch and take control.

Watching and observing is part of the learning process but it is also the best way to become a permanent spectator. 

If you are stuck and spinning in circles, have no direction, can't find low and no cost tools, or believe the Internet is too hard: 

Contact me for a complimentary consultation.  I will introduce you to the cream of the crop tools, and forward thinking ideas which will help you LEAPFROG ahead.

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