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The Entrepreneur Advantage

The best advantages an entrepreneur has are:  speed to market and personalization.  The 5 essentials to business success ensure these advantages are optimized to the fullest.

If these advantages are fully understood, the next step in the thought process includes:  Which person, company, skill or tools can ensure speed to market and personalization.

The problem:  Too many entrepreneurs focus on only one as a solution when, in fact, a synergy of hiring, venturing, training and software tools are needed.

If you are an entrepreneur going head to head with a bigger, meaner, better known brand; think about who can help (hire), what skill set you need (learn), what tools (software) you need to ensure speed to market with your products/services AND will ensure that you "out-personalize" all others.

Once this is known, the rest gets easier.  The people you meet, the companies you consider as vendors, the software you buy and the training you undergo will lead to a single point that will leave your business running circles around the larger corporations which originally looked so daunting.

Hubspot is a tool that gives The Entrepreneur Advantage.

Animoto is a tool that gives The Entrepreneur Advantage.

Don't include resources or people in business which slow things down, over analyze and rely more heavily on cold automation.  The entrepreneur who understands how to separate from the pack and think fast and personal is not as worried about the "corporate competition".

Get there faster and be personal.

 "Think locally and act personally." - Jeffrey Gitomer

translated into guerrilla marketing tactics:

"Get inbound links globally, think locally and act personally." - Michael Hartzell

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