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Silence Of Success with File Storage and File Sharing Websites

While the Internet operates silently, there are many businesses online which are in the top 100 trafficked sites which you may not have heard of.

File storage and sharing are functional and un-shiny but serve millions each month.  Silently, these file storage and sharing websites act as a bridge between people and companies to ensure information is flowing.  There is a limit to how email will handle larger files such as videos, audios and ebooks.

Here are the top file storage and sharing websites you may not have heard of but are used worldwide for file storage, backup, videos, audios and sharing files:

MediaFire      Alexa=58


FileServe Manager     Alexa=100

fileserve manager


ServeZip     Alexa=100

serve zip

If your business requires that you have files online to share, or deliver when a purchase is made, the resources above will help you get it done.  If you are debating whether to create a CD, DVD, flashdrive or offer instant download for your products; take a look at the options above.

These resources may be helpful for a company which does customer training, recruiting, offline marketing, and inbound marketing.

If you are a Hubspot customer, there is not much need for external storage sites.  Hubspot has a system which integrates social media, blogging, website, landing pages, CRM and has the resources built in to deliver files to potential customers. 

Interested in learning more about Hubspot software? 

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